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Can any one explain in brief about Fundamentals of json and jquery? Pros and cons of json and jquery?

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jQuery: puts some kind of "wrapper" around native javascript functions, so you can manipulate the DOM more intuitively and have some helper functions that save you a lot of own work. Especially, jQuery takes care of cross browser support, so you can safely use its functions without having to worry about browser compatibilities. Disadvantage is, of course, that you have to include the library. But thanks to Google CDN, this should not be a problem. Overall, it's totally worth the effort.

Json: Javascript object notation, comparable to XML. just some convention on how to represent any kind of object as a string. It is easier (at least i would say so) and takes less space than xml, though. Great for ajax based communication to save traffic and in the end make your web-app faster.

If you want to learn how you work with those things though, i would highly recommend looking for tutorials on goolge - there are tons of them. It will totally pay off learning those things, especially for web developers.

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