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I wrote a function to get the number of items in a list. It takes as input the primary key (list_pk) of the list whose items we want to count. It then queries the data store for all list items that have "list" equal to list_pk and counts them...

function getListLength(list_pk){

    // Data store of list items
    var store = getStore();["length"] = -1;

    // Get all list items that belong to the list 
        query: {list : list_pk},
        onComplete: function(items, request){
  ["length"] = items.length;
            console.log("onComplete() length: " +["length"]);

    console.log("after onComplete() length: " +["length"]);

With a list length of 5, the above displays:

onComplete() length: 5
after onComplete() length: -1

So it correctly counts the number of items, but it fails to update the global variable "length". Does anyone know why?

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This is the correct behavior. store.fetch is an asynchronous call. When onComplete is called, the["length"] will be updated. If you try to get the global variable after store.fetch, the onComplete may not be called yet, so you still get the initial value.

Just put the code to use["length"] inside of onComplete function.

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