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I have a class

public class OnStartManager extends Job{
    private DataGridServiceManager  dataGridServiceManager = null;
        public void doJob() {

               dataGridServiceManager = DataGridServiceManagerImpl.getInstance();


This is executing when the application starts, but it also executes when i access other pages or even the same page. But i want to execute it only once during the start of the application. What should i do to achieve this.

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If you are running in DEV mode, Play sometimes automatically restarts the application. This will cause the @OnApplicationStart jobs to be rerun as well. Maybe this is what you are experiencing?

Quote from Jobs section of Play documentation:

When you run the application in DEV mode, the application waits for the first HTTP request to start. Moreover when you are in DEV mode, the application will sometimes automatically restart when needed.

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+1 although little information in the question, this is almost certainly going to be the reason for this behaviour. – Codemwnci Sep 21 '11 at 9:04

I do processing of some information and storing before my index.html loads. I used the @OnApplicationStart tag for my file. It works without a sweat.

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