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Okay, so I have a .net exe, and it runs when I type mono myexe.exe. However, if I want to use another command or close the terminal window the app stops executing.

I have tried using mono myexe.exe & and it runs and showing [8] 20078 etc., but once I type something else it shows [8]+ Stopped, and then executes the command I typed in.

Any ideas?

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See (Can I run Mono applications without using 'mono program.exe'?) – Ofir Sep 21 '11 at 7:10

how about nohup mono myexe.exe &

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If you want to use & then look into outputting the result to a file.

nohup mono program.exe > program.out &

The right way of doing this would be to create a daemon with your linux distro.

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