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When I type:

set hi=Hello^&World!
echo %hi%

it print Hello and tell me World is not a command

I want it prints Hello&World!

How to do this?

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This works for me:

set "hi=Hello^&World!"
echo %hi%


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echo Hello ^& World!


EDIT so the problem is not with ECHO command, but with the assignment of the variable, as @Bali correctly pointed out.

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The only secure way to echo the content of a variable is to use the delayed expansion here.
If percent expansion is used, it depends on the content if it fails.

set "var1=Hello ^& World"
set "var2=Hello & World"
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
echo !var1!
echo !var2!
echo %var1%
echo %var2% -- fails

The delayed expansion is more usefull as it doesn't interpret any special characters.
More info at SO: How the parser works

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