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I need to build a GUI application that communicates with a CAN (serial port) device. I have a test device wich is connected to my host PC via a CANUSB adapter. I can use C++ or C#. The application must run on both Linux and Windows PC.


  • Is this even possible?
  • Which enviroment can i use for this: Visual Studio, Eclipce CDT, or something else?
  • What other tools might I need?
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Implementing a CAN Windows API running on Linux? –  Filburt Sep 21 '11 at 8:01
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You have two conflicting requirements:

implements an windows API


The application must be run on both Linux and Windows PC.

Other requirements can all be met: you can build Windows or linux application in C# and C++, and you can even use most existing windows APIs from linux via wine. But you cannot implement a new Windows API and expect it to be available for linux.

What makes most sense to me is that all you really mean is that you want a gui application that works on both linux and windows, in which case you really need to make some better word choices. A gui and an api are not even close to the same thing. But if this is what you're going for, my preference to meet those objectives would be C# with monodevelop; but remember that it's just that: a preference.

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If you wish to go the route of Mono WinForms: http://www.mono-project.com/WinForms

I can suggest a C# CAN library that is a good starting point. It uses the USB hardware device driver (from FTDI) and does not need additional DLLs. The C# CANUSB library is actually referenced (or linked?) as managed code in your project; It's also provided in source code form, is open source and can be compiled as 64-bit code http://sourceforge.net/projects/canusb/

I hated working with manufacturer supplied CANUSB DLLs... There are callbacks from an unmanaged code that bloats the system directory, need special permissions to install and can’t be recompiled and so on... If you are working with C#, then it's a choice: CAN USB adaptor C# library 64bit CANUSB Managed code .NET library with no DLL nonsense!

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