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I am brand new to Sencha touch/ExtJS, I need to create collapsible panel with sencha touch.

Here I explain what I did:

1.Extend the panel to include a toolbar and a panel

2.create antoher panel say PANEL with some components inside. a button to the toolbar with functionalities:

  if(panel collapsed) hide(PANEL)
 else   show(PANEL)

It is working fine for a single instance but with multiple instaces throwing unexpected behavior.

Example: ----------------------Panel------------------------------

  • toolbar button + ------------------------------------------------------ extended panel instance 1
  • panel +

    + +

  • toolbar button + ------------------------------------------------------ extended panel instance 2
  • panel +

    + +

The problem: Toolbar buttons of instances are interfering. I guess there is a problem with scope but i'm exhausted with googling. So please help me to solve this problem.


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Please post your code – Adam Marshall Sep 26 '11 at 1:04
There is pretty much zero info regarding the query. Please share some of the code so that some one can understand the exact issue. – Nag Jan 20 '12 at 13:33

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