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I am trying to set some key mapping/macros to comment/uncomment blocks of text in my .vimrc but I can't manage to make it work.

I define some variables:

let g:comment_id='~'
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.c,*.cpp,*.cxx,*.h,*.hpp,*.hxx,*.ipp let b:comment_open='//'
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.f90,*.F90 let b:comment_open='!'

And then I try differents ways to use them but everytime it fails:

noremap <silent> ,cc :s/^/<C-R>=(b:comment_open.g:comment_id)/<CR>:nohlsearch<CR>
noremap <silent> ,uc :s/<C-R>=(b:comment_open.g:comment_id)//<CR>:nohlsearch<CR>

-> E15: Invalid expression: /, E15: Invalid expression: (b:comment_open.g:comment_id)//

noremap <silent> ,cc :s/^/<C-R>=(b:comment_open.g:comment_id)<CR>/<CR>:nohlsearch<CR>
noremap <silent> ,uc :s/<C-R>=(b:comment_open.g:comment_id)<CR>//<CR>:nohlsearch<CR>

-> E488: Trailing characters

noremap <silent> ,cc :s/^/\=(b:comment_open.g:comment_id)/<CR>:nohlsearch<CR>
noremap <silent> ,uc :s/\=(b:comment_open.g:comment_id)//<CR>:nohlsearch<CR>

-> cc: ok, uc: E64: \= follows nothing, E476: Invalid command

I fact I can't understand how 'C-R' and \= work and mean...

Thanks for your help

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nnoremap <silent> ,cc :s/^/\=b:comment_open.g:comment_id/<CR>:nohlsearch<CR>
nnoremap <silent> ,uc :s@\V<c-r>=escape(b:comment_open.g:comment_id,'\@')<cr>@@<cr>:nohlsearch<cr>

Reference: :help sub-replace-expression

It is necessary in the pattern to turn verynomagic on to escape all special characters, and even with that you need to escape both the delimiter and the backslash.

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This one<br/> noremap <silent> ,cc :s/^/\=b:comment_open.g:comment_id/<CR>:nohlsearch<CR> <br/> is ok for ,cc but ,uc fails, I get E64: \= follows nothing, E476: Invalid command when using: <br/> noremap <silent> ,uc :s/\=(b:comment_open.g:comment_id)//<CR>:nohlsearch<CR> <br/> Thank you for helping –  janou195 Sep 21 '11 at 8:51
with the uncomment macro, I get an error: E33: No previous substitute regular expression E476: Invalid command –  janou195 Sep 21 '11 at 9:09
@janou195: the tilde also has a special meaning… correcting –  Benoit Sep 21 '11 at 9:17
ok it works with something else than tilde. So why one has to use sometime '\=' and sometimes 'C-R'? Thank you very much –  janou195 Sep 21 '11 at 9:38
There is an escape() function: escape(b:comment_open.g:comment_id, '\@'). –  ZyX Sep 22 '11 at 4:37

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