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I have a code below to make collection that bind to a gridview able to sort by clicking on the column header. The problem here is "IPerson" is unknown at compile time. I want the delegate type able to decide by getting from gridview datasource.

Dim list As List(Of IPerson) = CType(Session("DataSource"), List(Of IPerson))
Dim dataType As Type = list.GetType.GetGenericArguments(0)
Dim param = Expression.Parameter(dataType, e.SortExpression)
Dim sortExpression = Expression.Lambda(
        Of Func(Of IPerson, Object))(
            Expression.Property(param, e.SortExpression), GetType(Object)
            ), param)

GridView1.DataSource = list.AsQueryable.OrderBy(sortExpression)
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So if list comes in typed as object, the only other place that you need IPerson is to pass as a type argument to Expression.Lambda, right? Some ugly-but-straightforward Reflection code should do the job... – AakashM Sep 21 '11 at 11:19

We had same problem when building custom ORM, that uses interfaces as entities. You can explore solution from this sources

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