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I am writing a application using jquery in which I included my script in the head section of the webpage and the data of the page is dynamic and comes from the database.

Now I need to detect the url's on the page(that can be a anchor tag or a simply written url).

so for detecting url i am using this function

function checkURL(value) {
  var urlregex = new RegExp(

It works fine but if a url doesn't have www prefix then it fails e.g. myweb.com

Please suggest a better regex for my code which works fine with all valid url's including sub domains.

Can you also suggest a best way to detect url's on my webpage?

-Thanks in advance

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thanks every one for edit and thansk Felix Kling for the use full link but still the regex problem not solved –  Peeyush Sep 21 '11 at 9:27
i just need a regex which can validate almost every url with or without www. prefix and also validate sub domains i do not want to validate ftp url's only simple general web urls –  Peeyush Sep 21 '11 at 9:29

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All hyperlinks will be starting with any of , or etc. Considering this, just call document.getElementsByTagName() to an array. The array will hold all the link contents. Just extract the hyperlink, either direct or from attributes of the array object.

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