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I'm trying to serialize one of my models which has an ImageField. The inbuilt serializer can't seem to serialize this and therefore I thought of writing a custom serializer. Could you tell me how I could serialize an image and use this with the default JSON serializer in Django?


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You could try the base64 encoding in order to serialize the image to be used inside a JSON

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I wrote an extension to the simplejson encoder. Instead to serializing the image to base643, it returns the path of the image. Here's a snippet:

def encode_datetime(obj):
    Extended encoder function that helps to serialize dates and images
    if isinstance(obj, datetime.date):
            return obj.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')
        except ValueError, e:
            return ''

    if isinstance(obj, ImageFieldFile):
            return obj.path
        except ValueError, e:
            return ''

    raise TypeError(repr(obj) + " is not JSON serializable")
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Thanks for the solution. I must admit - not to serialize ImageFieldFile out of the box is rather... ridiculous of Django. –  yentsun Apr 22 at 14:48

you can't serialize the object, because it's an Image. You have to serialize the string representation of it's path.

The easiest way of achiving it is to call it's str() method when you what to serialize it.

json.dumps(unicode(my_imagefield)) # py2
json.dumps(str(my_imagefield)) # py3

should work.

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