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I am working on the generation of interactive graphs. So far, I have started with a dot graph that I generate SVG from.

I'd like to add custom classes to the edge so that it would be easier for me to dynamically add some information with a script.

So far, I have only found a way to add a custom identifier. Is there any way to add also a custom class?

Actually since I'm going to use jQuery to select attributes it would be enough to be able to add a custom attribute to the edge element.

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The dot guide recommends using the comment field for custom data. Alternatively you could use the URL field.

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I don't think this works. I tried this and the comment field in the dot script does not appear as an attribute in the edge element when an SVG is generated from it (using the -Tsvg option). Do you have any idea of how the comment field can be included as an atribute in the SVG edge elements? I'm struggling with the same issue... –  assassin Oct 8 '12 at 2:33

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