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i have made a function to set a session variable $_SESSION['flash'] in order to store a message between page

function setFlash($string,$type="info") {

    switch ($type) {
        case "warning":
            $_SESSION['flashtype'] = "warning";
        case "error":
            $_SESSION['flashtype'] = "error";
        case "info":
            $_SESSION['flashtype'] = "info";
            $_SESSION['flashtype'] = "info";
    $_SESSION['flash'] = $string;   

and a function to print this message

function printFlash() {
      echo $_SESSION['flash'];


i call this function at the top of every page (naturally after session_start)

the problem is that it doesn't print nothing, but if I comment " unset($_SESSION['flash']);" it prints the message in every page.

how can i solve?

Solved sorry my fault.

my page is something like this

include "func.inc.php"
session start

function editSomething {
  that call setFlash()

include "template.php" (where printFlash() is called)

now i put printFlash directly in my page and works..bah strange...what's my mistake?

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Could you show your page flow? –  xdazz Sep 21 '11 at 9:51
well...i have some file inclusion for my classes => session_start() => printFlash()....than i have a call to a function that edit a record in the db and if ok => setFlash("Flash Message") => redirect to another page with the same classes inclusion => session_start() => printFlash....the problem is that seems that the unset statement is done before than echo statement –  Matteo Sep 21 '11 at 10:28

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On every page this is what happened:

  • Make a session
  • Display flash
  • Delete flash
  • Create 'flash' with value

You have to move Create before display.

(it's also not very usefull because you do not transmit 'flash' (it's delete right after been created)

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print 'flash' but at the biginning is empty | unset flash | set 'flash' | => redirect to new page | print flash | unset flash | –  Matteo Sep 21 '11 at 10:31
So it's seems right, since we had no code to work with, possible errors are: Next page haven't session_start(); -- Session is destroy before the next page –  Cyrbil Sep 21 '11 at 11:12
the second page have session_start on the top and if i remove "unset" from the "printFlash" function the second page print the message –  Matteo Sep 21 '11 at 12:17

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