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I found daterangepicker ( http://www.filamentgroup.com/lab/date_range_picker_using_jquery_ui_16_and_jquery_ui_css_framework/ ) and am trying to customize it.

The detail goes like this:

Selected should be shown by orange highlighting

Week - Select the current week from Sunday to Saturday and then allows the user to select any other week range where Sunday to Saturday will be selected

Month - Select the entire current month and then allows the user to flip months where the entire month block is selected.

Can anyone Help me out !! Thanks in advance

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the plugin let you choose the theme : daterangepicker_v2

or try using firebug to manipulate the css

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No this is not what i want. In case of Week: When user clicks on any of the date then that particular week should get highlighted i.e the whole row. In case of Month: When user clicks on any of the date then that particular month should get highlighted i.e all the row. –  Honey Bhutani Sep 22 '11 at 13:04

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