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I have these two classes:

public class OpportunityLocation

    private LatitudeLongitude coordinates;

public class LatitudeLongitude implements Serializable
    private BigDecimal latitude;
    private BigDecimal longitude;

when OpportunityLocation is serialized I get


Now I've been asked to provide an xsd to validate the xml, I set the type of latitude and longitude to xsd:decimal but the validator complains that

 Element 'latitude': '51.53684899999999657893567928113043308258056640625' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'xs:decimal'.

(same for longitude)

The xsd fragment describing the coordinates is

<xs:complexType name="latitudeLongitude">
        <xs:element name="latitude" type="xs:decimal"/>
        <xs:element name="longitude" type="xs:decimal"/>

I think the best solution would be to truncate the lat/long values, as there is no point to have that much precision in the first place.

How do I instruct JAXB to do that?

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You can do this using an XmlAdapter. Below is a similar example demonstrating the concept with the Joda-Time classes:

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