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   <b>---</b> (1)
   <b>---</b> (2)
   <b>---</b> (3)
   <b>---</b> (4)
  1. I would like to could tags but only the ones which are children of tag? How do I specify the css in this case? Is this ok: self.selenium.get_css_count("css=s b") Would this count all s b relationships, with s as parent and b as child. 4 in the above example? If not, could you help with this issue?

  2. I would like to click the fourth (4) tag under tag. How would I do that? if I do: self.selenium.click("css=s b:nth(1)) it would select (2), so how do i specify (s b):nth(3)? Because s is parent of b. and I want to click on the fourth kind of this relationship. I hope this makes sense.

  3. what is the difference between nth() and nth-of-type()

Thanks Sunny

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You could use xpaths rather than css selectors to do this.

for your 1.


and 2.

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