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Is it possible to use an id which isn't an integer using taste?

My model may have preferences for remote products. To differentiate these we use a string identifier which is "locationId:itemId". I can't see support for this however.
Is there any other way to get around this?

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Yes, though it's going to slow things down. Look at IDMigrator and implementations and usages in the framework. This is how you can get some help in translating to/from integer IDs automatically.

There is no support for this in the distributed version.

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Yes. Look at the answers to this question. Basically you can extend FileDataModel, overriding readItemIDFromString(String stringID), and perhaps use an IDMigrator to do the conversion.

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userId and itemId can be string, so this is the CustomFileDataModel which will convert your string into integer and will keep the map (String,Id) in memory; after recommendations you can get string from id.

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