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My web site will create a file in client PC in a predefined file path, and I will write to the file. I will display the path in a text box



Now I have to give a "browse" button on clicking that user should be able to select the target path at his own choice, and then I should use the file name to write the content.

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My web site will create a file in client PC in a predefined file path How will this happen? I would love to know how a website can create a file on my hard drive? This knowledge will help me in burning down internet – Kumar Sep 21 '11 at 10:59
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You can't do that. You have zero control over the path on a client PC. You can control the filename though.

Use the Content-Disposition: header.

For example:

Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="today.txt"
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You can't in javascript directly, but you can set window.navigate to the url of the handler which will return file content for saving or directly to the file on the server.

Here is example of returning file via handler:

Here is example for .txt file:

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