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I have JSON data which come from server.

I want to display organization chart in the HTML file in the below format:

            #Manager             #Manager 

I am using Dojo. I find this link extremely useful. I want to build exactly the same thing.

I am not able to find required dojo files in there site. So it could be proprietary to IBM.

I tried this link, but I do not find it useful.

Can someone please tell me how should I do it Using dojo or any other frameworks?

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You might want to try google org charts . fairly easy to use it think.

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Can one use this offline? Eg. in an enterprise network without access to the Internet? – Derick Schoonbee Sep 11 '12 at 20:39

I'm glad to offer jquery solution. As for which is the most easy to use, it all depends on your practical trying results. The following snapshot shows the tree-like hierarchy created by jquery plugin OrgChart


If you have not svg, canvas or flex background, maybe this pure dom solution will be your favorite :)

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