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I'm trying to launch a JNLP file from my struts action, on clicking a link on a JSP. How can i get to know that the launch is successful on client side or is there any failure? If it is not successful then i need to get an indication to my JSP or struts action. Is it possible?

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How can i get to know that the launch is successful on client side..?

Have the JWS app. open a page at your site that is something like:

Where the code is specific to that request & is provided as a property in a dynamically generated JNLP file. Any apps. for which you do not get a report back, failed for some reason.

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Is there any way in the JNLP/JWS (on the client side) to report back the bold"status of JWS launch"bold (Success/Failure/Exceptions) back to my Struts action/Servlet? –  Sabari Kumar Sep 22 '11 at 5:30
As long as it reaches the main(String[]), it can include anything that can be encoded into an URL param. You might even call it several times during the main, reporting progress. But no, if the app. never reaches main(String[]), there is no facility to report anything back. –  Andrew Thompson Sep 22 '11 at 7:36

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