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I am stubbing the return value of a method using rhino mocks. However, I want to return the same dummy value for any argument that is passed in.

How do I do this without pre-registering every input to return the same output?

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thanks for the answers. The were all good so I picked the top one. – user880954 Sep 21 '11 at 12:50
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_testHelper is helper class where you are returning a dummy value from GetMethodValue(). you have to write GetMethodValue() in your _testHelper class.

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You can use IgnoreArguments() constraint as shown below:

mockedInstance.Expect(instance => instance.MethodCall(null))

Also by specifying Repeat().Any() preDefinedValue will be returned for each call of a method.

See Rhino Mocks wiki for more examples.

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You'd use MyClass.Expect(x=>x.MyMethod(someArg)).Return(stubValue).IgnoreArguments()

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