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I'd quite like to write some Google App Engine apps, but I'm a c# developer by trade, and as such I like static typing and Linq (or at least extensions + lambdas + predicates, if not query syntax). Is there a language I can use on the JVM that offers these features?

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You could just make your first project writing an MSIL interpreter :) Then, you'll feel right at home. –  Jonathan Rupp Apr 15 '09 at 1:48

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Easy to learn, powerful for libs and has full JVM integration. And yes, its readability is amazing (comparing to Java, Scala, C#)!

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Scala: http://www.scala-lang.org/

Actually, Groovy also has optional static typing, so I'll include it as well, but most static-type, uh, types seem to prefer Scala. Groovy can be found at: http://groovy.codehaus.org/

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Since the Google App engine doesn't even include all the basic Java classes, but is a subset, trying to use anything like Clojure, which is a functional language that compiles to Java, would be very risky.

You may want to just stay in the sandbox provided by Google, even though you will be missing a great deal having gotten used to .NET 3.5 and C#3.

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I'd look into Scala, it's a neat language, it's fast typed & functional Support in Google app engine might not be a stretch. Check out this blog post from the Google team on jvm language support

Many languages and in the runtime bind them

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