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CATiledLayer create for showing images with tiles. So if tileSize is more then current place for it, CATiledLayer show next level of detail. How can i control this process and get behavior as in MKTiledLayer?

UPDATE Problem are that -drawLayer:inContext: calls with next level of details. How can i prevent this calls?

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Implement CALayer's -drawLayer:inContext: method, as this will be called whenever it needs more rendering data:

As more data is required by the renderer, the layer's drawLayer:inContext: method is called on one or more background threads to supply the drawing operations to fill in one tile of data. The clip bounds and CTM of the drawing context can be used to determine the bounds and resolution of the tile being requested.

(From CALayer's class reference.)

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Problem not so clear, see update for details – DAloG Sep 21 '11 at 13:01

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