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I have a question, I found a great script that I want to use for my website but I don't know how to save it to my database, the link here, could someone point me to the right direction? Thanks

Take a look at the demo. I want to be able to sort the list and then save it to my database.

There is a function history but I just can't figure it out

`var sitemapHistory = {
   stack: new Array(),
   temp: null,
   //takes an element and saves it's position in the sitemap.
   //note: doesn't commit the save until commit() is called!
   //this is because we might decide to cancel the move
   saveState: function(item) {
      sitemapHistory.temp = { item: $(item), itemParent: $(item).parent(), itemAfter:  
      $(item).prev() };
   commit: function() {
   if (sitemapHistory.temp != null) sitemapHistory.stack.push(sitemapHistory.temp);
   //restores the state of the last moved item.
   restoreState: function() {
   var h = sitemapHistory.stack.pop();
   if (h == null) return;
   if (h.itemAfter.length > 0) {
   else {
   //checks the classes on the lists
   $('#sitemap li.sm2_liOpen').not(':has(li)').removeClass('sm2_liOpen');
   $('#sitemap li:has(ul li):not(.sm2_liClosed)').addClass('sm2_liOpen');
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First you need to create a sitemap in HTML yourself. It has to look like the example on the page: <ul id=”sitemap”> <li> <dl> <dt><a href=”#”>expand/collapse</a> ...

Then you include the script from the page and run it.

Not sure what all this has to do with your database.

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take a look at the demo: boagworld.com/demos/sitemap i want to be able to sort the list and then save it to my database –  DanTdr Sep 21 '11 at 20:38
I saw the demo. You could use $('#sitemap').html() to get get map and save the string to your database with an ajax query. –  PiTheNumber Sep 22 '11 at 7:09

A possible solution would be to add a linkID and a parentID to each line element. Then when you save the changes, make the updates to your table on the back end. That would cover the parent / child relationships. As for the sorting order, I'm still thinking about that.

A valuable resource is the jQuery Sortable document : http://jqueryui.com/demos/sortable/

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