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The script below will replace selected word in a textarea. But it only works on IE. Any idea how to make it work on Firefox? (The problem seems to lie in (document.all)? document.selection.createRange() : document.getSelection();)

    var seltext = null;
    var repltext = null;
    function replaceit() 
        seltext = (document.all)? document.selection.createRange() : document.getSelection();
        var selit = (document.all)? document.selection.createRange().text : document.getSelection();
        if (selit.length>=1){
            if (seltext) {
                repltext= prompt('Please enter the word to replace:', ' '); 
                if ((repltext==' ')||(repltext==null)) repltext=seltext.text;
                seltext.text = repltext;
    <form name="f">
        <textarea cols='40' rows='10' name='msg'></textarea>

        <input type="button" name="b" value="Replace" onClick="replaceit();">
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OK, so document.getSelection() returns a string in FF. String::text does not exist. So you can't set that.

The basc idea of what you need to do (and it'll work in both browsers):

Get the text area by its id--you'll need to set an id attribute on the textarea. Get the starting and ending positions of the selection. Then take three substrings: 0->start, start->end, end->string.length. Replace the middle substring with whatever they put in the prompt. Set the text of the textarea to your newly formed string.

The exact how is up to you, I just gave you a flavor of the procedure.

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The document.all bit is being used as a test to see if it's IE or not. The way it's written document.getSelection() is what would be used in Firefox and document.selection.createRange() in IE


So the problem isn't document.all, but rather that the getSelection() isn't working. Not sure why exactly as that's not a construct I've used recently, but try window.getSelection() as per this: (and google for others if this doesn't do the trick)

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document.getSelection() works in Firefox. – geowa4 Apr 15 '09 at 1:41

My O'Reilly flamingo book is at work, but I seem to remember reading the document.getSelection() specifically does not work with textarea elements, only the "non-editable" parts of the page.

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Window.getSelection is the method that makes a DOMSelection object available in firefox. Perhaps this is what you are looking for.

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