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Grooveshark provides an API that allows you to control a player with JavaScript, making it possible to integrate streaming music directly in your site.

According to their docs you should embed an SWF, and control it with Javascript. There is a list of methods/callbacks listed, but no explanation of how to use them, or any javascript libraries that might need to be included for it to work.

After searching for hours, I'm unable to find any information explaining the usage of their JS API, so I was wondering wether this API is still supported, and if so, if there are resources available which supply more in-depth information of how to use it.

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I suppose you need to call those methods on flash object that you have created, yet you might want to read this javascript.ru/unsorted/bridge-to-flash (sorry, its in russian, though, but most of the content is code) –  c69 Sep 21 '11 at 12:50

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I contacted James Hartig, the author, and he claimed that the JS API only works on grooveshark.com, so it won't work on an external site. Pretty confusing.. the only way to play music on an external site is using an external flash player

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