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I have a select dropdown with options:

select id="select_privilege_section" name="select_privilege_section" onchange=""> " value="pages">Pages " value="forms">Forms " value="roles">Roles " value="cos">Change of Status

I need to be able to send via ajax the option selected on change, to a specific action in a controller to be retrieved there in order to select which form related to the option it has to be displayed:

var input = $(this).val();

$.ajax ({ type: "POST", url: location.protocol + '//' + + '/role/privilege/format/html', data: {"form": input}, success: function(data) { console.log("Success!!");
} });

But I am not being able to get the $_POST['form'] there

Any idea why?

thank you in advance!

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The url you are posting to is wrong if I'm not mistaken. Try debugging it and check it is a valid url.

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