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If my text file is

Jack Jones;batter;100;
Bobby Brown;bowler;90;

I know how to get them into an array but how would I get them into an array with Keys? For example, after I read the text file my array would be -

$player1 = ('name' => 'Jack Jones', 'skill' => 'batter', 'points' => '100');
$player2 = ('name' => 'Bobby Brown', 'skill' => 'bowler', 'points' => '90');

// therefore -
echo $player1['name'];  #This would output the name 'Jack Jones'
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what does this have to do with mysql? – oezi Sep 21 '11 at 13:44
This is an awkward structure. Why not $players = array( 0 => array('name' => 'Jack Jones', ...), 1 => array('name' => 'Bobby Brown' ...)); – NullUserException Sep 21 '11 at 13:50

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you can't directly as there's no information about column names in the text file. but if you know how to get this:

$player = (0 => 'Jack Jones', 1 => 'batter', 2 => '100');

and the column names are fixed, you could set up a second array containing the keys:

$column_names = array('name','skill','points');

and then use array_combine to get your desired result:

$player = array_combine($column_names, $player);
echo $player['name'];  // 'Jack Jones'
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Perfect, thanks for that. – James Clifton Sep 21 '11 at 23:19

How do you parse your CSV file? Do you use the Class CsvReader ?

In this case you can do something like:

Class CsvManager

function __construct()
$this->reader = new CsvReader();

function Run($inString)
$this->reader->ParseCsv($inString,array(&$this, 'CsvCallback'), NULL);

function CsvCallback($inCsvArray)
$newArray = array();
$newArray['name'] = $inCsvArray[0];
$newArray['skill'] = $inCsvArray[1];
$newArray['points'] = $inCsvArray[2];

$file = pathToYourCsvFile.csv
$manager = new CsvManager();

hope this helps.

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