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do you get iphone app buyer information once your app is on the app store? like emails and such?

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No. You do not.

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You do get sales information, with a focus on what part of the world the sale came from.

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Thanks so much, that would be good to know too, just in case you need to figure future targets! thanks again! –  keuminotti Apr 15 '09 at 3:40

There are a number of libraries for iphone-apps that provide detailled usage information, and provide somewhat more details on your users. Depending the availability of this information, some of these libraries go as far as to provide age and gender of at least a part of your users.

One of the libraries that does this is pinchmedia, but they've been taken over by flurry now. I guess flurry will offer the same functionality. AdMob, a mobile advertisement provider, has recently started their 'analytics' beta, which should offer comparable functionality.

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