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  • A desired application called APP wich will present 2 "forms" and will comunicate with a web server to call 3 Web Methods.
  • One developer with nearly equivalent expertise on iOS and Android platforms.
  • X: required effort to build APP for Android only.
  • Y: required effort to build APP for iOS only.
  • X = K1 * Y where K1 is a real number.
  • Z = K2 * (X + Y) where K2 is a real number and Z is defined as the required effort to build APP for both Android an iOS.

Please answer:

  • What is the approximate value of K1?
  • Assuming that the formula for Z is acceptable, what is the approximate value of K2?
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The "forms" would have at most 4 "controls" each and no special UI features would be required. –  daniloquio Sep 21 '11 at 14:37

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It depends so much on the actual specifications that I think it's impossible to estimate but based on my latest projects that don't have UI customizations I'll make one:

  • K1 = 1.4 - I find developing on iOS much faster and easier in this case using Interface Builder and the ASIHTTPRequest library
  • K2 = 0.95 - It helps to know the protocol for the web server but in this case (3 methods it doesn't matter very much)
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Thanks for your answer. The forms would be very simple ones and the services will be WCF ones. Please tell me if I'm wrong with one thing: should I say iOS instead of iPhone? –  daniloquio Sep 21 '11 at 14:35
doesn't really matter in this case. Since I say Android I prefer iOS to be politically correct :) –  Alin Sep 21 '11 at 14:38


K1 = 1.5 Android development is usually slower than iOS and calling web services from Android can be tricky (kSOAP).

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