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I want to start dabbling in Perl 6. A large percentage of my programming involves SQLite databases. It looks like work has been put into using SQLite in Perl 6, but most of the info I can find is old and vague.

I see a "perl6-sqlite" module here, but it's marked as [old] and has very little to it. I've also seen references to a new DBI based on something to do with Java, but most of that talk is from last year and it's unclear whether there's something that works.

So is there currently an accepted way to use SQLite within Perl 6?

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Sadly there is no way yet.

The reason is that Rakudo relies on Parrot for calling foreign (C) functions, and there's no robust support for calling functions that take structs as arguments or return them. We plan to change that, but there are more pressing issues at the moment. See http://6guts.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/whats-coming-up-in-septemberoctober/ for some plans.

Niecza (the other serious Perl 6 compiler) has recently gained the capability to interact with C# libraries, so an adventurous hacker could create a wrapper for a C# SQLite driver. To the best of my knowledge there is none yet.

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Unfortunate, but such is life. I'll check again next year. Thanks for the response! –  glibdud Sep 21 '11 at 17:25
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