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I'm starting with telerik reports so I have one question. In my report I need to create maser report for every chosen product and below it I need to show report for each selected product detailed. So when I chose some products in reports parameters listbox I see my summary report but don't know how to add as many detailed reports below it as user has chosen in listbox. Thanks for any hint!

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Telerik supports subreports like you need. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Build a new report to display the detail information. It should have a parameter that is the 'current' product (it sounds like you might already have this report)
  2. On your main product report (the master), place a SubReport control in the detail section. Set the Report property of the SubReport to the report you created above.
  3. Set the Parameters property on the SubReport to pass the product from the current detail row to the subreport.

For more information, you can reference Telerik's documentation, a live demo, or the API reference.

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