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I am using Axis2 for developing webservices .

I started from WSDL file , and used WSDL2Java command line and generated all the sever related code (Skeltons) , wrote services.xml file , modified the skelton ( Implemented business logic in it ) and deployed as .aar file inside the Services folder of Axis2.war .

Now my question is I have seen some examples using .wsdd file with Axis2 Webservices , i am really confused with this , please tell me do we need .wsdd file ??

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Axis2 uses services.xml as the descriptor file.

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You do not need to have .wsdd files with Axis2 - its been used in Axis..

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In Axis 1 we use wsdd file. While in Axis2 we use services.xml or sun-jaxws.xml file.

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