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Does github require all cloning, of both public and private repositories, to use an SSH public key? Maybe a better question, is can git clone a github repo without a ssh key at all.

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You can use https protocol, as mentioned in "GitHub - Https access".
You would then use your GitHub login/password in a ~/.netrc file (which can be a security concern).
Note: on Windows, that would be an _netrc file.

Since GitHub supports smart http protocol (as detailed here), you can use that for cloning/pulling and for pushing.

smart http

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SSH Key is used for more safety communication. Is not necessary, although using SSH Key is usefull because encrypte communication and also does not involve password.

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No. A SSH key is only needed to push to a public repo on github, not to pull from one (although the easiest method to get a clone you can later push to uses the same key to pull as to push, that isn't the only way to work).

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SSH is not necessary if you use the HTTPS URL. –  Tekkub Sep 22 '11 at 4:19

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