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I am looking for a message broker API to use it with c#.

Normally the things are quite simple. I have a server that knows what jobs are to do and I have some clients that need to get these jobs.

And here are the special requirements I have:

  • If a client got a job but fails to answer within a specific time, then another client should do the work.
  • More than one queue and priorities
  • If possible it needs to work with big message queues (this way I could just load all jobs sometimes a month and forget about it
  • secured communications would be good.
  • API for talking with the broker from c#. How much work is done? What is still to do? Delete some jobs...
  • If available replication to another broker would be good.
  • The broker needs to run on windows

What is not an issue:

  • low latency (there is no problem when a message needs minutes)

Do you know such a message broker that is free to use?

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RabbitMQ and several other AMQP implementations satisfy most of (if not all of) these requirements.

If a consumer dies without sending an acknowledgement the AMQP broker will redeliver it to another consumer or, if none are available at the time, the broker will wait until at least one consumer is registered for the same queue before attempting redelivery.

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Thank you for your answer. RabbitMQ does not support priorities. I will try ActiveMQ now. – Chris Sep 22 '11 at 17:22
Priorities can be approximated using multiple queues. For a description of how to do that, see… – Chris Shain Sep 22 '11 at 17:28

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