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I have a String variable in my flex (flash builder 4) application containing CSV data. I need to allow the user to download this data to a local file. For example, giving them a "csv" button to click and it might present them with a save file dialog (and I would be sending the contents of my string variable).

Is this possible / how ?

I am using the ResuableFX component for the datagrid to csv. This the code I ended up with that works to save the string to a text file for the user (in a web browser):

var dg2CSV:DataGrid2CSV = new DataGrid2CSV();
var csvText:String=dg2CSV.getCSV();

var MyFile:FileReference = new FileReference();
var csvFileNameDT:String = QuickDateFormatter.format(new Date().toString(),"YYYYMMDDJJNNSS");
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If you're in an AIR App you can use File.browseForSave().

If you're in a web app, you can use FileReference.save() . The FileReference docs have a lot more info on this.

In many cases, I would recommend using navigateToURL() to open the file outside of Flash and let the browser deal with it.

I'm not sure if there is a way to do this without user interaction.

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