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I am trying to do some changes to a different frame using javascript, but I need to wait until it is properly loaded.

I have frame-B which does some changes to the content of frame-A. I have set a flag in frame-A when it has finished loading:


// Flag to indicate that the page is loaded. Used by frame-B
var documentLoaded = false;
$(document).ready(function () { documentLoaded = true; });


function onLeftFramesLoad(loops) {
    // Check if the menu frame is finished loading, if not try again in Xms.
    // To Avoid eternal loop if for some reason the documentLoaded flag is not set after Y seconds: break loop.
    if (!parent.frames[0].window || !parent.frames[0].window.documentLoaded && 
        loops < 40)
        setTimeout(onLeftFramesLoad(loops + 1), 250);
    // do changes to frame-A

// Using jQuery here to wait for THIS frame to finish loading.
$(document).ready(function() {

My problem is that when frame-B loads before frame-A it doesn't wait for frame-A to load. I.e. the setTimeout part doesn't seem to work.

frame-B only takes about 30ms so it doesn't time out.

Firebug gives me this message in the javascript console:

useless setTimeout call (missing quotes around argument?)

Tested in FF and chrome.

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setTimeout(onLeftFramesLoad(loops + 1), 250);

What this does is execute the return value of onLeftFramesLoad(loops + 1), so it executes onLeftFramesLoad before the setTimeout. this is basically the same as writing:

setTimeout(undefined, 250); // onLeftFramesLoad always returns undefined

undefined() doesn't work, obviously. The correct way to do this would be

setTimeout(function() {
  onLeftFramesLoad(loops + 1);
}, 250);

As this is a function and thus executable.

For more info on the setTimeout function, check https://developer.mozilla.org/en/window.setTimeout

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*Headpalm! Should have seen that one... Thanks, a lot! –  Polymorphix Sep 21 '11 at 15:59

You must pass a function to setTimeout. You are currently immediately calling the function and passing the return value (which there isn't).

So you'd need to wrap it into a function, and pass that function:

setTimeout(function() { onLeftFramesLoad(loops + 1); }, 250);
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