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I am generating custom report(HTML) for soapUi and I am using TestNG and Maven. How do i generate Report? ->I manually create a Reports Folder and create HTML Report file after every run.(I am NOT
using surefire report) i.e, I have added this action in setup and teardown method.

Mentioned below is my project overview.

Main Proj(Maven) | - src/main/java/tests/classes | - test-output(TestNG) | - Reports | - SampleReport.html

Now How to integrate with Hudson? I mean This report should be displayed in Hudson and sent as email report.

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There is a TestNG plugin for Jenkins that you can use to parse TestNG reults, ie. TestNG XML report pattern: **/testng-results.xml We are using it and this presents results in a very nice way in Jenkins. Then, to email your html report, you can use Email-ext plugin. It will let you change email contents to HTML and attach your result, ie. ${FILE, path="target/surefire-reports/emailable-report.html"}

Hope this helps somewhat

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