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How can i format the date "01-SEP-2011" on "2011-09-01" format in shell script?

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Try this:

$ date --date='01-SEP-2011' +%Y-%m-%d
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That assumes you have the GNU coreutils version of the date command. If you're running bash, you probably do -- but it might not be installed by default on MacOS, for example. (I don't know whether bash is installed by default, but there's no non-GNU version of bash; there are non-GNU versions of date.) –  Keith Thompson Sep 29 '11 at 20:49
date ... +%F also works (but I think +%Y-%m-%d is a bit more portable). –  Keith Thompson Sep 29 '11 at 20:51

If you have Ruby installed on the target system you could do this:

read DATE # 01-SEP-2011
set DATE=$(ruby -rdate -e "puts Date.parse('$DATE').to_s")
echo $DATE # 2011-09-01
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kent$  date +%F -d "01-SEP-2011" 
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