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I already am planning to use php to access the actual database then post the data so that the android app can then proceed to grab it. I am using the database to store longitude and latitude of geopoints for a location based application. I have my map drawing and class for drawing overlays I am just not sure where to start from here.

I want to use http requests to call a php file that will grab geopoints from the mysql database.

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You could use AndroidHttpClient if you want and also the Apache DefaultHttpClient.

You'll just have to make a RestService in php that will give you the data you need. You will execute HttpGet or HttpPost and you can return data in XML or JSON. Then you can parse it in Android using XMLPullParser or JSON.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the pointers and tips. Maybe I can get something working to just grab the longitude and latitude for right now and see how that works first. –  Greg Froning Sep 22 '11 at 1:22

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