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The following plugin for SocialEngine uses Google Maps for proximity searches, maps, etc.


Additional Note: The website will also be using a directory plugin.

Is it necessary to purchase a commercial Google Maps API key for this kind of activity? Somebody suggested that a Google Maps API key was going to cost a lot of money, and for a starter business this wouldn't be possible.

Plugins do not tend to mention this, but I am led to believe that there may be an issue here.

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You can find the information you need in the Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service and via the FAQ. Specifically, search the FAQ page for the Q&A "Can I use the Google Maps API on a commercial website?"

Essentially, as long as your site isn't getting super high traffic, you should be fine with the free level of service.

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Google Maps API is free for all non-commercial and commercial use, and you can use it in your commercial site:

  1. if you keep the default Google branding

  2. and if the map will be public to anyone

You need to buy a special key if you are planning to use the map in private or sell map products that will be for private use only.

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There is news on the way Google executes its license ... We just have been contacted by Google and were told that selling a Maps API Implementation to a customer requires a OEM License. This is regardless wether you charge a one time fee or a recurrent fee. This is regardless if you operate the Maps API Implementation on your own server or on the customers server. This was new to me and I did not read that from the license texts.

So, if I interpret this correctly and if you are planning to subcontract a plugin for your website from another company (aka a Maps API Implementation), the other company should have a Google Maps OEM License and will charge you for API Traffic using that plugin. This seems not to apply if you are using a public-domain plugin or a plugin developed in house.

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