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I have a long string of text delimited by a character (pipe character). I need to get the text between the 3rd and 4th pipes. Not sure how to go about this...

Open to regex or non-regex, whichever is the most efficient. Especially open to extension method if none exist to be able to pass in:

  • seperatorChar
  • index
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Couldn't you just indexOf with a start index of the previous pipe until you get to 3rd then substring to the index of the 4th pipe(starting from the index of the 3rd) ? Or just use string split on pipe :P –  Brian Colvin Sep 21 '11 at 16:34

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string textBetween3rdAnd4thPipe = "zero|one|two|three|four".Split('|')[3];

doesn't do what you mean, you need to explain in more detail.

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I would choose this answer over a regex. –  Christopher Currens Sep 21 '11 at 16:43

Try This

public String GetSubString(this String originalStirng, StringString delimiter,Int32 Index)
   String output = originalStirng.Split(delimiter);
      return output[Index];
   catch(OutOfIndexException ex)
      return String.Empty;
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This regex will store the text between the 3rd and 4th | you want in $1


Regex r = new Regex(@"(?:([^|]*)|){4}");
Match m = r.Match(text);
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You could do

     string text = str.Split('|')[3];

where str is your long string.

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