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My HTML document contains #victimDiv thats background image property is set to:

-webkit-linear-gradient(-75deg, black 10px, #4AC0F2);

After I load #victimDiv with ajax call and its height prolongs, gradient gets longer as its length is defined in percentage instead being fixed in pixels.

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maybe it's because you apply css length parameters on an element when the element is not already in the DOM. this is not possible... try to do it with the css embedded in the respective html tag.

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#victimDiv is in the DOM, it is just that its content is changing making it longer. –  daniel.tosaba Sep 21 '11 at 19:57
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I misunderstood syntax meaning: pixels or percentage after color means that color starts from there not ends. Kind of a weird name color stop??? Anyway right syntax for what I wanted to achieve is:

-webkit-linear-gradient(-75deg, black, #4AC0F2 10px);

Good night, and good luck! :)

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