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Doctrine_Connection_Mysql_Exception [ 42 ]: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'allocation_rule_number' in 'field list'

I have the above error after adding a new column to my table manually via mysql command prompt. I have traced it down to synchronizeWithArray in my controller - for some reason in my code igniter controller


is missing the new column I added so synchronizeWithArray is failing. I know that it's in the POST data so I'm not sure what part of Doctrine has the old table definition.

if ($is_update) { $this->license->synchronizeWithArray($this->tmp_record); }

Any ideas why would this happen or how to diagnose?

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I forgot to add the same column to the license_versions table. I figured it out by checking the MySQL query log, which was invaluable in pointing out that exactly how it was trying to modify the wrong table!

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