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For my CI infrastrucure I need to automatically deploy and run complex tests between two (or more) android phones from a controler machine (linux).

So far android monkeyrunner in combination with android unit tests is not a satisfactory solution:

  • monkeyrunner does not call single methods from a remote app and can't address UI components by their id
  • writing java tests cases with ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 is too expensive (loC) and does not provide enough flexibility for interacting between two devices
  • robotium.org is a step in the right direction but is in java (not dynamic) and not multidevice yet
  • all other solutions I found does not allow interactive testing thx to dynamic scripting

Any suggestion?

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There is a tool called AndroidViewClient which extends the usability of monkeyrunner. You can address UI components by ID with it, check their properties and so on.

Here's the link: https://github.com/dtmilano/AndroidViewClient

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Have you looked at MonkeyTalk?



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