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I'm trying to get the collection prototype to have a set of default values instead of blank values. Ideally I'd like to be able to define those default somewhere either in the model class or the form definition class, but I cannot find a way to do this anywhere.

As an example:

I've created an AbstractType for my form which contains a nested collection of Person rows (relevant code shown below):

public function buildForm(FormBuilder $builder, array $options)
    $builder->add('people', 'collection', array(
            'type'         => new PersonType(),
            'allow_add'    => true,
            'allow_delete' => true,
            'prototype'    => true,

The PersonType class contains the following code:

public function buildForm(FormBuilder $builder, array $options)
    $builder->add('name', 'text');
    $builder->add('date_of_birth', 'date');
    $builder->add('age', 'number');

    // This would be great if I could do this but I can't:
    //$builder->add('date_of_birth', 'date', array('empty_value' => new \DateTime(...))); // some default value defined here

The best I've been able to come up with so far is shown below in the view file (the code shown is used to render the collection prototype):

    <td> {{ form_widget(person.name) }} </td>

    {# THIS DOES NOT WORK (I just get the default selected date) #}
    <td> {{ form_widget(person.date_of_birth, {'value': person.date_of_birth.get('value')|default({'year':2010, 'month':10, 'day':15})} }} </td>

    {# THIS WORKS (the field contains '0' instead of being empty) #}
    <td> {{ form_widget(person.age, {'value': person.age.get('value')|default(0)} }} </td>
  • It only seems to work with simple types like text and number. It doesn't work with the date type.
  • This anyway doesn't feel like the right approach. I should be able to define a default/empty value either in the underlying model (e.g. protected $age = 10; inside the model class), or else in the form definition (AbstractType) class (e.g. array('empty_value' => new DateTime()), but neither are currently possible.

So in summary, my question is:

How can I define default values for a model class that will be set automatically on the client when adding new items to a form 'collection' (instead of just getting blanks).

Does anyone know of a good way to do this?

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In the constructor of the entity that the form is being used for, you simply set the date with a \DateTime object, like so:

class MyEntity {
    private $myDate;

    public function __construct() {
        $this->myDate = new \DateTime('today'); 

You can also use \DateTime('now') or \DateTime('tomorrow'), as described in the discussion below


Edit: Actually, this information is in the symfony2 documentation:


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This is exactly what I ended up doing and works perfectly. Thanks! –  agentar Dec 14 '11 at 4:00

may be

$builder->setData(array('date_of_birth', new \DateTime(...)));
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Unfortunately that didn't work. It seems that $builder->setData(...) takes a single argument containing an instance of the class mapped to that form type (i.e. defined in data_class in getDefaultOptions). This instance is then used as the default for the form. I solved my problem by just initializing my entity class with default values. –  agentar Oct 9 '11 at 16:58

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