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We have a team project in TFS 2010. This team project is used as a container for a few smaller, related projects in order to share bugs, work items, etc. My question, how do I add a new VS solution to this team project?

I created the new solution in my local working folder. The team project is already created on the server. When I go into the Source Control Explorer and try to add the new solution to the project, I can’t add the new solution because I don’t have a destination folder mapped. I can’t map the destination folder because I can’t figure out how to add a new folder to the server project for the new solution. Caught in what appears to be some wicked circular logic… help!?!

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There is good guidance on MSDN how to add a new solution to version control:

Does that help?

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To add a new solution from you local files to TFS you could:

In the solution explorer right click on the solution and select 'Add Solution to Source Control'

Then you can right click and select check in.

Then the entire solution will be added to your team project in TFS.

enter image description here

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What if I had two team project? how can I add it to a specific team project? –  Hossein Narimani Rad May 10 at 5:52

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