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look I have 1 UIView and 2 links on it to other 2 views. On key pressed I have the following:

[self addSubview:view1]; or [self addSubview:view2]; respectively

I have used your suggestions on iAd and I have successfully achieved to show on UIView (let call it parent) iAD advertisement.

But when I navigate to view1 or to view2 iAD does not appear.

I use [self.view addSubview:_adBannerView]; in abcViewController.m

what I want is to add iAd advertisement on view1 and view2 too. can you please illuminate me how to manage this?

I will appreciate this very much.

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Who are you talking to? Please try making this question more clear and try adding some code. –  Old McStopher Nov 30 '11 at 6:49

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Just in case anyone was looking at this question and wanted to know how to use a single iAd ADBannerView in multiple places, this WWDC video will walk you through the entire process (note that you have to log into your developer account to view it):


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