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In Javascript, I have a string for a path that looks like:


The prefix may or may not be there for each level. I need to create a new string which eliminates the prefix on each folder level, something like:


OK. I've done something like the following, but I think perhaps with regex it could be made more compact. How could I do that?

var aa = "/xxx:Level1/yyy:Level2/xxx:Level3/ccc:Level4"

var bb = aa.split("/").filter(String);
var reconstructed = "";

for( var index in bb )
 var dirNames = bb[index].split(":");
 if(dirNames.length==1) reconstructed += "/" + dirNames[0];
 else if(dirNames.length==2) reconstructed += "/" + dirNames[1];
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Wow! You guys are amazingly fast. – George Hernando Sep 21 '11 at 17:56

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Like this:

var bb = aa.replace(/\/[a-z]+:/g, '/');

Change the [a-z] to include any characters that might appear in the prefix, or just use [^\/:].

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You can use regex like this:

var str = "/xxx:Level1/yyy:Level2/xxx:Level3/ccc:Level4";
var out = str.replace(/\/[^:\/]+:/g, "/");

This matches:

followed by one or more characters that is not a : or a /
followed by a :
and replaces all that with a / effectively eliminating the xxx:

Demo here:

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var a = "/xxx:Level1/yyy:Level2/xxx:Level3/ccc:Level4";
var b = a.replace(/\/[^\/]*:/g, "/");
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aa = aa.replace(/\/[^:\/]\:/g, "/");

This function will replace every occurence of "/xxx:" by "/" using a RE, where xxx: is a prefix.

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