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I have two tables. One with a list of shops and their ID's (shop_id) and one with a list of employees with the ID (shop_id) of the shop they work at.

I have to print out each employee with a certain position form a certain shop. My query is normally correct but I seem to get an error like tblEmployees.

Normally my query would look something like.

SELECT tblEmployees.Name, tblEmployees.Surname, tblShops.shop_id
FROM tblEmployees, tblShops
GROUP BY tblEmployees.shop_id
HAVING tblEmployees.shop_id = tblShops.shop_id;

Normally I get an error saying something like:

tblEmployees.Name is not part of an aggregate function.

What I want to know is if it would solve my problem if I put every column that gives me this error under the GROUP BY statement. Or is there another way of fixing this error without it affecting the result I need to get from this query.

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Drop the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses. You aren't aggregating here. You want to be joining your tables.

SELECT tblEmployees.Name, Surname, tblShops.shop_id
FROM tblEmployees JOIN tblShops
ON tblEmployees.shop_id=tblShops.shop_id
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I guess this wasn't a very good example, but let's say I had to do this query and also SELECT only the shops with more COUNT(>5 – Henning Joubert Sep 21 '11 at 18:55
Then you will want to group on all of the other columns. SELECT name, surname, tblEmployees.shopid from tblEmployees.shop_id=tblShops.shop_id GROUP BY name, surname, tblEmployees.shop_id HAVING COUNT(>5; – Andrew Lazarus Sep 21 '11 at 19:03

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